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Nutrition By Stephanie


Nutrition is more than just food... it is the study of nutrients. It is how those nutrients are nourishing the body and how the body is functioning because of it. It is about the cells, the biochemical pathways and how they are functioning because of what we eat, the vitamins we take and the health of our gut. Each person is different. Each person will have a different sequence of genes, with different micronutrient deficiencies and a different balance of bacteria in the body.

Nutrition is looking at all of those factors and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Each person has a different story with a different biochemical structure. Nutrition is taking all of that and making a person whole again. It is about nourishing the body exactly how it should be and having it function at its optimal level.

So yes, it involves food, but it involves SO much more. It involves nutrients and it is my job to figure out what nutrients you need in order to optimize your health.

My goal is to not only help you become a healthier you, but also to teach you all about health and wellness. My belief is that food and herbs can be used as medicine and that our choices in life determine our health status. Genetics make you more susceptible to disease, but that does not mean that the disease has to express. By knowing your genetics, I will be able to assess your biochemical imbalances and will supplement you with food, vitamins and herbs to have your body functioning at its optimal level. There is no excuse for feeling constantly sick and tired. We should be living a fantastic life, feeling the best we can be. There is never a better time than now to take control of your health!


"Let food be thy

medicine and medicine

be thy food"

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What is a Clinical Nutritionist?

What is a Clinical Nutritionist?

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About Stephanie 


Stephanie Gillett has her Master's Degree in Applied Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College and is pursuing her PhD in Kinesiology- Exercise Science. She focuses on how diet and lifestyle can prevent diseases, and how people can rewrite their genetics. Stephanie believes that the cause of chronic diseases comes from poor lifestyle choices, and that many illnesses can be prevented and reversed.


Healthy recipes to keep you on track!


The hardest part about staying on track with your diet is finding new, delicious recipes, so you do not get bored of the same food. Come see what fun, easy recipes Stephanie has to offer! 

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