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Stephanie's Story


Stephanie has always been an active child. She was a competitive dancer and gymnast and was always striving to achieve perfection. Stephanie was always the kid that was injured on the team. She always had something that was broken, torn, strained, you name it! At age 12 she suffered from degenerative cartilage in her knees which caused her agonizing pain. By age 18, she was told she would soon need knee replacement surgery. But Stephanie didn’t let this stop her from what she loved to do, so she pushed through. 


This brought Stephanie to SUNY The College at Brockport where she received a BS in both Modern Dance and Health Science. From there, Stephanie took charge of her dance career. She began teaching and freelance performing in New York City, until she suddenly tore her hamstring. This injury was debilitating for Stephanie and caused her to discontinue dancing. The sudden shift from being extremely active to now being sedentary was a hard one for her. For the year following her injury, Stephanie struggled with weight gain. Nothing she seemed to do helped. She also began to experience severe chronic fatigue that prevented her from participating in other hobbies and activities that interested her. Stephanie started going from doctor to doctor, trying to figure out why, as a healthy 22-year-old, she felt so horrible. After every doctor told her she was perfectly healthy, she decided she needed to take things into her own hands. That is when she grazed upon the studies of Functional Nutrition and knew that this was her calling. She then proceeded to receive a Masters in Applied Clinical Nutrition through New York Chiropractic College, and through her schooling, discovered her own underlying autoimmunity. Through her knowledge of clinical nutrition, Stephanie has been successful in managing her autoimmunity and is back to being the active person she loves to be!

Stephanie Gillett, MSACN, is now a Clinical Nutritionist who focuses on diet and lifestyle for the prevention of diseases and is passionate in how this information can enhance our athletic performance. Stephanie believes that the cause of chronic diseases comes from poor lifestyle choices, and that many illnesses can be prevented and managed. Having an intense passion for the root causes of disease, Stephanie will help her clients discover the “why” of their ailments, and work as their partner through their journey back to optimal health. Through the use of food, herbal remedies, supplementation and lifestyle intervention, Stephanie will design a personalized plan specialized for each individual with an end goal of optimizing the human body. 

Graduating Magna Cum Laude from New York Chiropractic College, Stephanie is trained to put an emphasis on patient centered care through nutritional assessment, intervention, promotion of health, focusing on the use of whole foods and therapeutic plants as an integrative approach to optimal wellness. Through a complete understanding of the biochemical aspects of metabolism, Stephanie is able to assess individuals for nutritional imbalances and apply evidence based therapeutic interventions for healing.

With a passion for learning, Stephanie is in the process of earning her PhD in Kinesiology- Exercise Science from Concordia University St. Paul. She hopes to bridge the gap between health and exercise, using a holistic approach to improve ones athletic capabilities. 

In addition to helping clients one on one in a clinical setting, Stephanie is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at SUNY Farmingdale State College where she teaches a variety of Nutrition classes. Stephanie enjoys teaching nutrition through all angles and genuinely wishes to help all of her students in their own health journeys. 


She continues to enjoy her passion for movement, body awareness and self-connectivity and is excited to try and bring her two passions into one. She believes that anyone looking to improve their athletic performance must prime their bodies from the inside out and is enthused to help others throughout their own health journeys.

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